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The page is under construction with the video of the ceremony and laurels. Please be patient.

We are delighted to award these films and filmmakers with the Napoleon Prize in their respective categories:

Marshal Ferrin (USA) Death of a Revolution (Series on Lafayette) & CITIZEN


Charlie Di Stefano & Jonah Mazer (Australia) Is this forever?


Hiroshi Toda (Japan) Mujina Pass


Damien Stein (France) TARTAA Gizeh


Björn Rallare (Sweden) I’ll come home


Mario-Alberto Sautré (France) Les artisans de la voix


James Stewart (Canada) Chateau Laurier


Tim Landry (USA) Shoveling Pixie Dust: a Memoir


Joe Anderson (USA) Pilot Error


Louis Salvatore Bellanti (France) Arrivederci Paris


Arek  Detmer & Łukasz Zakrzewski (Poland) Pojedynek The Duel


Daniel Leon Lacave (Spain) Madres


Eusebio Lázaro (Spain) Día De Suerte


Luz Jaimes (Mexico) Y si Adelita

More than 200 films were submitted from 35 countries!

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